Your Account

Your Account

There are various options on your account page such as your name, login password etc. To change the system header colour, click on the "Header Colour" box and click one of the other colours.

Quick Links
At the top left of every page are 4 coloured icons. You can change what these icons do by editing the Quicklink 1 to 4 fields.

By default the system uses Gravatar's. To override this you can upload an avatar manually.

To upload an avatar click on the browse button, select the file on your computer and then click on the update button. Your avatar is shown at the top right when you are logged in as well as next to the latest updates sections.

2 Factor Authentication
We use the Google Authenticator method of 2-factor auth. To set this up click on the button at the top right of your account page and follow the instructions.

Social Media Integration
You have the option to sign in with either Facebook or Google. To link your accounts click on the relevant button.

Once linked, when you go to the login page, click on the relevant social media button and if you are logged into that service, you will be automatically logged in to Xploite.

If you aren't logged in to the service you click on, you will be prompted to login, then redirected back to Xploite and logged in.

Important Note
If you setup 2-factor auth and then loose your device, you will not be able to login. If this happens you need to get another of your company users to login, click on "Setup > Users" and select your account. They can then click on the "Remove 2 Factor Authentication" button and you will be able to login again.
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