Customer Support Portal

Customer Support Portal

The Enterprise package also comes with your own customer support portal. To set this up, go to "Setup > Company Settings" and click the edit button on one of your companies.

Enter something in the "Subdomain" field.

For example, if you entered "acme-industries", your customer support web address would be

The following sections are available on your portal:
  • Support
    • Create Ticket - Your visitors can create a support ticket that will appear in your Xploite system
    • Knowledge Base - Create articles inside Xploite for your customers to view on your portal
    • View Tickets - Customers can view all of their tickets
  • Invoices - Customers can view their invoices
  • Prices - Customers can view their custom prices
  • Login - Customers can login to your portal (you need to give them a login inside Xploite)
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    • Knowledge Base Articles

      Create help articles to display on your customer support portal.
    • Canned Responses

      Canned responses allow you to save things that you find yourself repeating over and over when replying to support tickets. When you create a canned response (Setup > Canned Responses) and you view a support ticked from your customer portal, when you ...
    • Invoices Overview

      To invoice a customer (organisation) you must first create a sales order. Once the sales order is created, view it and click on the "Create Invoice" link in the actions box. This link will only be visible if you have assigned a contact (person) to ...
    • Users Overview

      You can add as many users as you require to run your businesses and you are charged a set fee per month per user. To add users go to "Setup > Users" and click on the + Add User button. If you add a user and set "Administrator" to yes, that user will ...
    • People Overview

      People are all the people or contacts that you deal with. People have to be assigned to organisations. To add a person click on the + button at the top right. Avatars By default the system uses Gravatar's but you can override that by uploading an ...